Business Cases

Online Fitness Transformation Programme

We were approached by a personal trainer at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic with a request to build a functional and accessible online platform containing library of free and paid fitness related resources.

We didn’t start from scratch but instead looked at what the client was already using. We assessed the website constructor that was already built up to see how it could be optimised at no additional cost.

We made slight design amendments and added a few pages to make the website look and feel more professional. We added payment acceptance functionality, fully tested for any errors, and developed and added Terms & Conditions – in consultation with the client. We optimised the website for search engines and registered it on available platforms to increase the traffic. We set up an analytics platform and taught the client how to use it and read the data.

We provided advice on available options for further business development, challenges and opportunities.

Martial Arts Academy

We helped an experienced martial arts coach set up a successful business by providing support with company registration and setting up a bank account. We also reworked the academy’s logo and designed a new uniform. Additionally, we added functionality to the existing website, allowing students to book classes using allocated credit points, cancel classes in advance, and purchase additional points. We updated the website to make it look and feel more professional, and optimised it for search engines. We also registered the website on available platforms to increase traffic.

We developed all necessary documentation, including contract terms and conditions, policies (such as safeguarding and COVID-19 related policies), and consent documentation. We set up a direct debit system for accepting payments and linked it to a cost-effective accountancy program.

We also ran a successful social media campaign and worked as direct sales agents, attracting 40 new students within 2 months.

Coastal Café


Car Garage


Transport Company

Transport Company

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